Saturday, March 19, 2011

eeeiiiiiuuwww.., yeekk.., what.?? urgghhh...,


this is it..!! hak3., that was my quote,my first impression about KEM PLKN RIMBA TAQWA,SIK,KEDAH..
my first step on 'dataran bas'., wwaahaa.,quite nice there.,huu..,
then, we have to carry our luggage * urgghh.,so heavy laa,* to our dorm.,
b4 that,we have be informed by teachers there about our " no badan", company, and dorm,
it was my first time having "no badan" hak3., so from that, officially 
...I AM WIRAWATI 411.....

hak3,heading to *khidmat masyarakat*

this is the location around my dorm *DELTA 4*

yea.,it's TRULY *hutan rimba*
 the right one is delta 3 's toilet.,
'EUUUW' that's only the word.! ha

then the episode of my life there become really awsome
here is it.!

my DELTA members..!!

yea,the most perfect things there is FREINDS..!!
really miss them so much..!!

we are the 5 *merepek* one.!! hak3
and more time with them.,

at TTS.*hui,dlm baris pon nk posing ker.???hak3*

at TTS too., happy together~
miss that momment..,

huuu., in that picture, i miss them.,they are all
my best friends there,at camp .,

and here in *baju kebangsaan*
feewwwweett..!! haha

nyummyyy~   RM1 haha
ice-cream time.,haha,on saturday if i'm not mistaken,
we have *lawatan keluaga*
and for sure my parents would not coming,
this is the time.!! haha,
hanging out together,
and ice cream time.!!

we got our WIFI port.!! haha
here is it.,

stylo.!! is it.?? HUHU

and surely will not be forgoten,
our classmates..,

we'r the staff of LUXURY HOTEL..,

seriously they are cooperative,suppotive n sporting..!!

at camp,on our few last days there,
always rainy and really cold.,

just in front of *DEWAN MAKAN*   

and on my leisure time.,

eyh, i was there.,!! *yg sblh bdn cm xnmpk uhh.,*haha

and more pics..,

here is it.! *najiha : eira : rz*

and the last one..,

insyaallah., friends for ever~~

and a song~

i love you all~

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